At Home Again

January 26, 2009

Bellehaven Court. Belle- sounds like lovely to me. -Haven sounds like a restful place. Court – what we call streets that you only come down if you live there. And we do!

We moved into our new home on January 17, and are so excited to finally be in a lovely place where we can rest from all our world travels and stay a while.

When I find the camera amidst all the boxes, I’ll take some photos! 🙂


Good News!

December 30, 2008

At long last, Mark has been offered a job! It’s here in Albuquerque, with a large company called SAIC. We are so glad for God’s provision for our family. What a great Christmas gift!

Now we are looking for a home, and hope to find one soon.

Blog, Smog

December 9, 2008

2 things I seem to have forgotten about since returning from Chile…

That is a good question these days. Mark is still looking for a job, and we are frequently asking ourselves what our other options are. Waiting on God seems to be the best one, of course. But when I dream about what I might be someday when I grow up, this might actually be a good option for me!

Take the test for yourself below and find out what you should be when you grow up!

You Should Be an Artist

You are incredibly creative, spontaneous, and unique.

No one can guess what you’re going to do next, but it’s usually something amazing.

You can’t deal with routine, rules, or structure. You’re easily bored.

As long as you are able to innovate and break the rules, you are extremely successful.You do best when you:

– Can work by yourself

– Can express your personality in your work

You would also be a good journalist or actor.

What Should You Be When You Grow Up?

The 1st Grade Class of One

September 23, 2008

Rachel and I are back to our 1st grade homeschool, this time in New Mexico. Same song, second verse.

I read her and Jenna a story or a chapter of a longer story to start with. Then Rachel works on addition or subtraction problems. She practices handwriting. She reads to me from early reading books we checked out from the library or were given by family, friends, or freecyclers. She helps cook and clean sometimes. (Washing dishes is her favorite!) We learn about outer space or dinosaurs or digestion from library books. She plays educational games on my computer. We try silly yoga positions together. She reads the clock to me. All in all, we have a good time for all the morning, and sometimes part of the afternoon.

She still misses her classmates from her school in Chile, and hopefully she will have classmates again someday. But for now, we are enjoying our 1st grade class of one.

Reluctant Homeschool

September 5, 2008

I have always been a proponent of public schooling for our children. Engage the culture, I say. But on Monday I will begin a reluctant homeschool.

Mark is still waiting to hear about a job, but school here is starting and we had to make a decision. We chose to homeschool for now because we just don’t know where we will be living in the coming days and months.

I hope that beginning school again will give our days more structure, and thus a sense of knowing what to expect. I think our children need that right now.

Rachel is excited about starting school again, but wishes she had more friends. Jenna is getting to start preschool mostly so that she can be kept busy in the mornings while we do core subjects like reading and math. She’s not so sure she wants to have school, but I think she will find it fun to learn.

As for me, I may find it enjoyable too. I already like the idea of planning ahead and structuring my day. We’ll see how it goes!

Still Waiting

August 18, 2008

Many people have asked us how the job hunt is coming along, how long we plan to be in Connecticut, when we are heading back to New Mexico, etc. The answer is simply that we are still waiting.

And I’m not very good at waiting, usually. So I am keeping myself busy by taking up old and new hobbies.

I’ve actually cast on a new knitting project. It’s a blanket for Rachel that’s actually big enough to cover her up. And I have bought the yarn for two more blankets, a wrap for myself, and a couple of scarves. I’ll be busy with that for a while. I also got signed up with, which is an internet community for knitters and crocheters.

And I have purchased everything I need to start running. Yes, those of you who know me well will be laughing about now. I’m finally convinced that I should do it, if not quite so much that I will actually enjoy it. But I now have shoes, shorts, socks, shirt, and miscellanea that I will need. Once I get started, that is.

Now I just hope I won’t have to wait as long as it takes to finish all my knitting projects!


August 13, 2008

In Chile, there is almost nothing that is free. People use their stuff until its usefulness is completely gone. So that means very few garage sales (or tag sales, as we learned to call them last week). And certainly no Freecycle.

If you haven’t checked out Freecycle, and you enjoy giving things away instead of landfilling them or if you love getting good things free, you must take a look at The basic idea is that people join a group in their specific location, and give away their stuff to other “freecyclers” instead of dumping it in the trash.

The key is that you have to be fast. When someone posts a message that they are offering an item that is of interest to you, you had better respond in the first 30 minutes, or it will probably already be promised or taken by some other freecycler.

I love free things. I love giving things away. I love online networking. This is definitely for me!

Home is where you are

August 12, 2008

…Or so I always have said. This week my children have been asked in my presence at least three times something like, “So, where are you guys from?” They have yet to answer the question. They just ignore the person asking the silly question without an answer. To them, “where are you from?” is like asking “which came first, the chicken or the egg?” Clearly, the chicken, in a worldview kind of answer, but clearly the egg, in a lifespan kind of answer. So, clearly, they are from Denver and Albuquerque and Santiago (respectively) in a lifespan kind of answer to the “where are you from?” question. But in a more metaphysical sense, “where are any of us from?” would be the most appropriate answer that their little 5-, 3-, and 1-year-old minds can’t quite fathom just yet.

Jenna’s question

August 5, 2008

Jenna has great questions. Today’s was a classic: “Mommy, do you know a place called The Middle Of Nowhere?”

“Yes, Jenna. I’ve been there.”